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Part of the Summer Festival of Music 2021

Composite Image 1</br><i> - Anonymous Submission</i>
Twitter: @BoothmanIsaac
"As part of this year’s UniSlam competition, my teammate Matt and I wrote and performed a poem about our respective hometowns. The poem is about the love yet disconnect we have for our hometowns, and the yearning we experienced when moving away."
- Emily Breeds and Matt Sowerby
Premiering at the Summer Festival 2020, this project allowed members of Creative Exchange to explore collaborative composition. A particular highlight of the concert was the premiere of a composition for single use plastic by Helen Cordina.
This photograph was taken in Birmingham's markets on 35mm film. It shows a snapshot into Birmingham's lockdown and how the fruit market community continued throughout.<br><i>Instagram: alexh_photography</i>
"The video is a timelapse of a painting of 'Old Joe', it took 2 months and was a way for me to occupy myself during the first lockdown and remain connected to the UoB community while we were stuck at home and scattered all over the country/world."
- Hannah Beech
A road sign in the company of an abandoned fridge</br><i> - Anonymous Submission</i>
During the first lockdown, both myself and Amy did a lot of art to pass the time, and when we got back to Birmingham we 
			decided that it would be nice to do something together. So we sat on my porch and collaborated on this piece- I did the design and background painting and Amy did the embroidery 
			and additional painting. The piece is inspired by the Jazz, Funk and Soul Society, which we were both on the committee for at the time, and features it's staple yellow and black colour
			scheme along with a statement of 'the licc', a musical phrase which has become somewhat of a meme in the jazz community!</br><i> - Hannah Beech and Amy Coates</i> Images tend to speak to people differently and as a result, i can only describe to you, the thoughts and 
			feelings that this images evokes, personally, for me. In this image, on the surface, I see a beautiful photograph taken at the Hall of Memory in Birmingham,
			i see the contrast of colours, light and dark, the contrasting levels which add another element to this image. However, when I look at this image 
			in greater depth, I see a story. There are two individuals, seated at the centre left of the photograph as they look up at the Library of 
			Birmingham, they appear almost as ants in comparison to the enormous building. Not only does the library signify unity, and community as this 
			is where so many come to connect with one another, but to me, this signifies someone looking at something that worries or concerns them. 
			Be it, their future, uncertainty or anything, we all have things that concern us and here one of these individuals has this worry that they 
			feel is too big, to heavy and uncontrollable. The fact that there are two people here, highlights the idea of connection and community which 
			act as supports for us all when we experience difficulties. Furthermore, the pillar like figures around these two people also resemble connection,
			collaboration and community, providing support and protection for them.</br><i>Instagram: kyshotthat</i>
The second collaborative composition project run by Creative Exchange was premiered in March 2021 and featured several compositions written specifically for an asynchronous medium such as Zoom.
an animation of a lonely train ride from wolverhampton-brum</br><i>Twitter: @BoothmanIsaac</i>
an animation of a lonely train ride from wolverhampton-brum - Twitter: @BoothmanIsaac
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Composite Image 2</br><i> - Anonymous Submission</i>
Creative Exchange in rehearsal for the Chamber Music Sharing Platform.</br><i> - CA, LK, AH, JN, IB, BSW</i>